Pius Adejumobi
2 min readJun 8, 2021


There are Great Benefits In Your Wake Up Calls

The alarm clock is very familiar to all working class individuals.

You normally set it up to wake you up at a certain time especially to get ready for work.

We also use it as reminders that enables us to take a particular action.


Have you considered how helpful and loyal your alarm has been?

It only rings at the exact time pre-arranged by the owner.

It rings as long as you allow it but you cannot ignore it indefinitely.

You just have to do something whenever it rings.

You might turn it off or allow it to disturb you and neighbors.

Though it’s very loyal, it doesn’t care how you feel when it rings.

However, it doesn’t work in isolation, someone has to set it up.

Besides that, your ringer volume must be turned on.

Sometimes in life we refuse to obey the alarm though we set it up at bedtime.

We hate the noise of the alarm because it happens to ring at the sweetest point of our sleep.

So, we quickly snooze it to get a temporary reprieve but it’s just a matter of time before it starts ringing again.

Many people have disobeyed the alarm and got late to work.

By the way, there are many other forms of alarms in our lives.

They show up as “Wake Up" calls.

They are meant to warn us of an impending danger if care is not taken.

Your Doctor

Your doctor can actually sound an alarm to warn you against a dangerous habit in which you are engaged that could result into death if you continue on the same path.

Stress And Sickness

Stress and sickness is another form of alarm bells that cautions you to slow down when you are neglecting your health in pursuit of fame, money and other attractions of life.

Automobile Accident

Getting involved in an automobile accident can serve as a warning to drive more safely and to consider other road users.

It may cause you to take your car for proper maintenance etc.

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