How To Transform Into A Player Today

It’s Your Life

A spectator is an onlooker or a non-participant in an event.

He is very brilliant in analyzing the game.

He understands the rudiments of the game and what roles individual players are expected to play.

He can tell when a move was wrong.

He is particularly upset when his team is not winning.

He believes that he is a big supporter of the team and could influence the club’s management’s decision.

He is excited to spend his money to watch the team’s games at any venue even far away from home.

He constantly monitors the team’s performance and progress.

However, when the game is over, the spectator goes home.

No input of any kind.

He fantasizes about the success of the team without lifting a finger.

The spectator is an incurable dreamer.

By contrast, a player is trained to play the game.

He submits to the athletic discipline and rigorous physical exercises that are required.

He understands his assigned roles and that he needs to cooperate with other team members to succeed.

He is focused on winning at all times.

He obeys the coaches and managers.

When a game is lost, he goes back to the drawing board to correct the mistakes made.

A player makes sacrifices. He avoids certain kinds of food and cannot afford to stay out late and so on.

Fortunately, a player is rewarded in so many ways.

Winning is just one of the pecks.

When he collects the golden trophy, his joy knew no bounds.

So, would you like to be a spectator or a player in the affairs of your life?

A close study of a player’s lifestyle can help you to turn a new leaf.

Time to start is NOW.

Stop dreaming. Start doing.



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