How To Recognize The Causes, Dangers And Effects of Loneliness

Watch Out

Loneliness has been described as a condition of distress when there is a lack of social connection.

It is like feeling hungry when everyone around you is having a feast.

Loneliness can occur at any point in anyone’s life.

The most common causes are:

Death of a loved one, separation and/or divorce.

The most affected groups are the old, the introverted, and the immigrants.


Feelings of estrangement wherever you are, even within a crowd.

When you have no “close” or “best” friends.

When you are unable to engage with others at a deeper level.

When you struggle with continuous feelings of alienation.

When your endeavors at reaching out are not rewarded.


Unchecked feelings of worthlessness can lead to high blood pressure, sleep disorders, emotional instability, and depression.

What to do

Consult your doctor or therapist.

Find a support group

Start a group to connect with others dealing with same situation.

Volunteer at nursing homes, schools, local libraries etc.

Be friendly in a healthy way.

Get some exercise.



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