How To Make The Best Of A Birthday

Pius Adejumobi
3 min readAug 14, 2021

Looking into the mirror

Birthday comes once a year.

We all love the demonstration of love and friendship that comes with it.

Birthday is a landmark and an opportunity.

Landmark because we have come a long way.

Opportunity because we have time to reflect.

Many celebrate with getaways, fanfare, parties, food and drinks.

It’s always a time of goodwill from friends and family members.

However, a birthday might not be fun to some because it was probably attached to a painful event in their lives.

Generally, a birthday reminds us that we are not getting younger.

It is also a reminder that life is too short and that time waits for no man.

Whether you are 18, 20, 40, 60 you are bound to take a look back at the last 365 days and appraise yourself.


Would you be kind enough to take stock of your life in terms of achievements and difficulties?

What were responsible for your successes and challenges?

What are the limiting factors? What were the lessons learnt?

How would you overcome the same situation if it happens again?

Find The Missing Link

There may have been some missing links in the past year.

How would you identify and harness them to give you an advantage in your life.

Missing links could be anything ranging from attending a course to upgrade your resume.

It could also be a connection that needed to be made.

The ability to effectively use these links might make a huge difference in your entire life journey.

Define Your Hopes & Aspirations

A Birthday also gives us a challenge;

To cultivate new hopes and aspirations.

Would you consider taking a new look at your dreams?

Would you be willing to push harder to kickstart a new appetite for success?

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